Calamari fritto  spicy marinara  aïoli  lemon wedges                  14

Miyagi oysters on half the shell  wasabi mayonnaise  spicy tobiko  cucumber mignonette  wakame seaweed salad  sesame sand                  16

Crispy pancetta bruschetta  pesto  fresh ricotta cheese  roasted cherry tomatoes  crispy pancetta  balsamic glaze  micro basil                  15

Grilled brie  caramelized apricot purée  strawberries  toasted almonds  balsamic Borettane onions  sourdough croustades                  15

American Kobe eye of rib eye carpaccio  arugula  lemon  fried capers  croutons  truffle pecorino  tuna mayonnaise  Sciabica’s lemon extra virgin olive oil                  15

Duroc pork belly  crispy fried  Korean BBQ sauce  pickled red cabbage  scallions  carrot purée  fried rice                  15

Salads and Soups

Mesclun greens  sliced peaches  cucumbers  shaved shallots  toasted almonds  Grana Padano  Sciabica’s Champagne vinaigrette                  9


Caesar salad  romaine hearts  Romano cheese  house made croutons                   15

Dungeness crab salad  cabbage radish kohlrabi slaw  avocado  lemon juice  Sciabica’s mission trail olive oil  bonito flakes  brown butter emulsion                  16

Peach capris salad  layered of fresh peach  basil  smoked scamorza  heirloom tomatoes  drizzle Sciabica’s basil olive oil  balsamic sea salt                  12

Soup du Soir                  7


Angus New York steak  seared and broiled  bleu cheese-butter crust smoked bacon mashed potatoes  seasonal vegetables                  34

Citrus chicken sous vide  brie cheese  honey crème fraiche  fingerling potatoes  Brussel sprout-smoked bacon-dried cranberry sauté                  28

New Zealand 6 point Lamb rack  Napa cabernet sauvignon reduction  grilled zucchini  cherry tomatoes  fingerling potatoes  Castelvetrano olives  Sciabica’s cabernet sauvignon vinegar  herbed chèvre                  32

Sous Vide Snake River pork chop  Gruyere cheese crust  beer battered onion rings  roasted heirloom tomato  wilted spinach  sauce soubise                  28

Grilled zucchini  cherry tomatoes  Castelvetrano olives  wilted spinach  red cabbage puree  pearled Italian  farro  fresh avocado  lemon  Sciabica’s Mediterranean olive oil                  24

Dungeness crab  squid ink tagliolini pasta  jalapeños  Fresno chilies  shallots  garlic  cherry tomatoes  lemon  Sciabica’s lemon olive oil  parsley pangrattato                  25

Daily fresh catch  Jamón Serrano  black quinoa  lemon basil almond grilled white corn  miso-corn pure                  34

 American Kobe silver grade Manhattan rib-eye filet  8oz  preparation changes daily                   45

Olive oil by Sciabica’s California Olive Oil